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Iepazīstinām ar HW-Group monitoringa iekārtu STE 2 !!!
STE2 is a WiFi and Ethernet enabled device which can connect up to
  • three sensors via 1-Wire and
  • two detectors via digital inputs for dry contacts.
This gives STE2 wide variety of usage like for instance measuring of temperature and humidity together with monitoring of door contact or motion detector status, forwarding the values to a monitoring and control software and alerting via email or push notifications.
STE2 offers quite a few special features like for example:
  • WiFi and Ethernet networks simultaneously. There is no need to switch between the networks as the device has specific MAC and IP adresses for WiFi and for Ethernet.
  • PoE. This allows installing the device in places without electrical plug under the condition there is a Power over Ethernet connection available.
  • Unique way of signalling the alarm status. In case of „out of safe range“ status of a connected sensor the corresponding connector is lit in red.
STE2 is compatible with our free SensDesk portal as well as with the SensDesk Mobile application for iOS and Android. You can connect multiple devices to your SensDesk account and view all the data in one complex dashboard.
The device is compatible with our applications HWg-PDMS and HWg-Trigger.
For ordering or more detailed information please contact your authorized HW group distributor.
Feel free to view the STE2 flyer, user manual or the STE2 microsite.
You can try the STE user interface in our online demo.
Best regards on behalf of HW group team
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